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Election 2021

On August 3, 2021 residents of Empire, Glen Arbor & Kasson Townships will be asked to consider a property tax assessment to fund the ongoing operations of the library.  Here are a few key questions & answers about this proposal.

What is the ballot proposal?

The proposal asks for a renewal of the current assessment of 0.2746 mills, with an added assessment of 0.0254 mills, for a total assessment of 0.30 mills. If approved, the millage would fund library operations for five years, beginning in December of this year, and expiring in December 2025. The proposed millage assessment would generate $247,735 in the first year.

Why is the library asking for continued millage support?

The property tax assessment first approved in 1996, and re-approved in 2016, has now come to an end. It will provide funding only through the end of this year. The millage will allow the library to remain open and continue services in our new facility and beyond. It’s important to note that this assessment will be used for operational costs only: design and construction of the new building was funded entirely through private donations and grants, received from 2018 to 2020, with no construction loans or bonds needed.

How does the library benefit the community?

Since its establishment in 1977, the library has provided opportunities for learning & recreation for all in our community. With an entirely new facility opening last September, and remaining open to the public during the COVID pandemic, we’re positioned to become an even more essential resource. A legacy of strong local support has allowed the library to grow with the community, providing:

     Knowledgeable & professional staff   for great customer service

Early Literacy   story hours & a reading-rich environment

Life-long learning   presentations, webinars & classes

Digital collections   ebooks, audiobooks, movies & more

Computers & WiFi    for public access, with printing, scanning & faxing

What will the cost be for property owners?

The table below shows the total tax that would be collected, based on taxable value. For an average home in our area, the annual tax to support library funding would increase by less than $5.

Taxable value of  your property

Total annual tax  at 0.30 mills